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A pharma bridge that connects West and East

The need for business deals commercialization expertise has never been greater.

The pharmaceutical industry has changed as companies look for ways to keep growing as governments keep cuting the healthcare spendings, and the competitions among the pharmaceutical parties have never been so challenging.

As a result, pharmacutical are looking more than ever to external partnerships and this is going global!  Companies around the worlds are now meeting with each other in their quest for deals, yet most people involved in business development and commercialization at both large and small pharmaceutical companies don't have the necessary experitise to get the deals done in an efficient manner, and this is more so with the international deals.

Here is what we can do to help you achieve your goal and reach a successful deal:

- Identifying and sourcing of potential partners in North America and Asia

- Representation at partnering meetings

- Term sheet and definitive agreement development

- Coordination of due diligence

- Negotiation

- Alliance management

Business Development

Tel:  (416) - 567 - 3290