Supply Chain and Alliance Management
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Global pharmaceutical sector faces significant supply chain challenges, including product expiry, transportation risk, GMP compliance and
complicated supply routes (air, ocean...).   In addition, sourcing the right product on time to meet the company's strategic growth become vital
to the company's bottom line.  Last but not the least, managing external partners with limited internal resource is always a challenge, expecially
due to the lack of expertise...

iEXP understands our clients need and is able to provide a wide range of supply chain and alliance management service.

- Review of supply chain operations to identify compliance gaps, as well as cost saving opportunities;
- Outsourcing reviews and tendering programs covering international freight, warehousing, domestic distribution and express services, with    
due regard to service providers ability to meet quality assurance and product handling requirements;
- International freight optimisation, including compliance in temperature control handling, forwarder and carrier performance, reliability, quality of
reporting, and levels of responsiveness to events and business needs;
- Procurement and inbound logistics strategy, covering sourcing options, trading terms and potential synergies in inbound freight flows, and
special handling such as hazmat and temperature control;
- Forecasting and inventory management assessment, including replenishment processes, optimum stock
holding points and locations, and inventory alignment and reduction programs, with due regard to
special handling and storage needs.

Supply Chain Management

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